Seerat e Badr-ud-Duja


A distinct biography of Prophet of Islam – Muhammad  ﷺ emphasizing the Nature (Rahmatul-lil-Alameen), the Character (Role Model), the Virtues (Akhlaq-e-Hasna) etc. rather than wars that happened during his time.


Today’s most biographies had portrayed Muhammad ﷺ as war lord glorifying Gazwah/Sarayah (Wars) that took place during Prophet’s time. Although Gazwah/Sarayah (Wars) were part of Prophet’s life as per the need of that time but the Nature (Rahmatul-lil-Alameen), the Character (Role Model), the Virtues (Akhlaq-e-Hasna) etc. which were the dominant part of the life of Muhammad (pbuh), never got the due it deserves in Seerat (biography) books.

Most of the current biographies can be termed as ‘Kitab-ul-Magazi’ (Book of Wars) instead of ‘Seerat-un-Nabi’ (Biography of Prophet). Seerat-e-Badr-Ud-Duja (Urdu) authored by ‘Maulana Syed Shahabuddin Salfi Firdausi’ – Founder ‘Athar Blood Bank’ & ‘Masjid-al-Salam, Solapur’ gives the insights of life of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ in the light of his character, nature, virtues which are authenticated and supported by Kitab wa Sunnah.

Many incidents from the life of Prophet of Islam ﷺ which were misinterpreted in general have been clarified in this book. E.g. Mutilation of Hazrat Hamza in Gazwa-e-Uhud, Age of Aisha Siddiqua at the time of marriage, Accusation of adultery on Aisha Siddiqua, Age of Hazrat Khadija at the time of marriage, Incident of “Saqeefa Banu Saa’da” etc. and so on.

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